Don’t Bother Insulting Me Funny Sarcastic T-Shirt


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Tired of people thinking their insults actually matter to you? Shut them down in style with this hilarious tee! Featuring the quote “In Order To Insult Me I Must First Value Your Opinion Nice Try Though”, this T-shirt lets people know their petty insults just bounce right off of you.

Made from a cotton blend, this classic fit tee provides lasting comfort. The soft fabric feels great against skin and allows for maximum mobility whether lounging or being active. The crew neckline and short sleeves keep you cool as temperatures rise. Pair with jeans or shorts for a casual look you can wear anywhere.

This funny graphic tee makes an awesome gift for any man, woman or teen who doesn’t let insults bring them down. Great for those with a sarcastic sense of humor who prefer to kill rude people with kindness. If you can laugh off petty comments and thrive on driving Debbie Downers crazy with positivity, then this is the perfect tee for you!

Product Details:

Unisex fit runs true to size and is great for both men and women
Available in sizes S-3XL
Fabric is a cotton/polyester blend (see bullet points for exact blend info)
Crew neckline with short sleeves
Classic fit – not too tight or too loose
Machine washable – care instructions on inside tag
Printed graphic will not crack or fade over time
Imported fabric is soft, lightweight and durable
This “Don’t Bother Insulting Me” tee lets haters know they can’t harsh your mellow. The sarcasm dripping from the text proves sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you. You’ve got thick skin and even the most scathing remark won’t ruin your day. Kill the cruel with comedy by wearing this lighthearted graphic tee.

Ideal for:

Men and women who don’t sweat the small stuff
Sarcastic people who use humor to deal with life’s lemons
Positive personalities who can roll with the punches
Those who believe in killing rude people with kindness
People who refuse to let petty comments bring them down
Teachers, retail workers and anyone who deals with grumpy folks
Uplifting gifts for friends and family who brighten bad days
Never underestimate the power of a funny graphic tee to lift your mood! This hilarious “In Order to Insult Me I Must First Value Your Opinion” design is sure to put a smile on your face and make strangers chuckle. The bold print really pops against the solid color background.

Rock this tee to comedy clubs, school, work, parties, events, family gatherings, and more! Just don’t be surprised if people ask you where you got it. Its cool graphics and funny saying make this a must-have item for your humorous t-shirt collection. Express your personality and keep the good vibes flowing in this positivity-filled top.


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