Discover The Magic of Illuminated Handbags with the DEKE Purse Heart LED Light


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Tired of fumbling around in the dark abyss of your purse or handbag searching for your keys or that elusive tube of lipstick? We have the perfect solution to light up your bag and make finding items a breeze – the DEKE Purse Heart LED Light! This clever little gadget is shaped like a cute heart and easily attaches inside your handbag to provide a bright beam of light whenever you open it. No more frustrating hunts or dumping out the entire contents just to find your wallet. The DEKE light illuminates the interior so you can see everything clearly.

Sensory Activated Convenience

The DEKE purse light turns on and off automatically thanks to the built-in sensor. No buttons to push or switches to flip. Just open your purse and it lights up! The intelligent sensor detects movement and light conditions, so as soon as you unzip or open the flap, the bright LED activates to illuminate the contents. It turns off automatically 15 seconds after the purse is closed to preserve battery life. This hands-free operation makes this LED light super convenient and easy to use.

Powerful Mini LED for Maximum Visibility

Don’t let the tiny size fool you – this little LED light packs a powerful punch! The integrated LED provides bright, white light that truly lights up the interior of your bag. No more squinting or peering into the abyss. The DEKE heart light illuminates every nook and cranny. With this purse lighting accessory, you’ll be able to quickly spot keys, phones, wallets, makeup, or anything else you keep in your handbag.

Compact, Portable Size

The DEKE bag illuminator is cleverly designed to be lightweight and portable. It weighs only 0.7 ounces and measures just 1.8 inches wide – small enough to easily tuck into any pocket or pouch inside your purse, tote, or clutch bag. Since it’s so lightweight, you’ll forget it’s even in there until you need to shed some light inside your bag! The compact size makes this LED purse light easy to keep with you at all times.

Flexible Attachment for All Bag Types

From designer handbags to travel totes, this clever gadget can brighten any type of bag or luggage. It comes with both a sturdy clip and adjustable strap so you can securely attach it anywhere inside your bag. Clip it to an inner pocket or loop the strap around a bag handle or strap. The flexibility means it works with virtually any style of handbag, purse, tote, or other bag. Illuminate your everyday carry or brighten your luggage – the DEKE heart works anywhere!

Cute Heart Shape Design

This LED light may be super functional, but it’s also stylish! The adorable heart design adds a touch of charm and personality. The smooth plastic heart-shaped casing comes in pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange – pick your favorite color! The cute shape makes this bag illuminator a charming accessory in addition to a practical tool. It also makes this the perfect gift for any handbag-loving woman in your life.

Great Gift for Handbag Lovers

Do you have a wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom, sister or friend who seems to carry the contents of her entire life in her purse? Then this purse LED light makes a fantastic gift idea! It’s ideal for birthdays, holidays, stocking stuffers, white elephant parties, and more. Plus at just $12.99, it’s affordable enough to buy for all the handbag lovers in your life. The DEKE heart light helps make life easier for any woman on the go.

Tired of Wasted Time and Frustration?

Having to stop and rummage blindly through a dark bag anytime you need something quickly becomes annoying. You could waste five or more minutes fishing around for your belongings. That adds up to a lot of wasted time! Plus it’s frustrating to come up empty handed after a lengthy search. And in situations where you need to grab something urgently like keys or a phone, those minutes add even more stress. The DEKE purse LED light solves these problems and will save you time and hassle anytime you need to grab something from your bag.

Key Benefits:

  • Bright LED light illuminates inside of handbags
  • Motion activated sensor turns light on/off automatically
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Flexible clip and strap for secure attachment
  • Cute heart shape design
  • Great gift idea for handbag lovers
  • Saves time – no more blind rummaging!

Ditch the darkness and enjoy the convenience of an illuminated handbag with the DEKE Purse Heart LED Light. This ingenious little gadget makes finding belongings inside your bag quick and easy. The bright beam shows you everything so you can grab and go with no hassle or wasted time. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone who carries a purse or handbag. Order the DEKE Purse Heart LED Light now to shed some light on the situation!


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