Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes – Stylish and Durable for the Lane


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Step up your bowling game in style with the Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes. Designed specifically for female bowlers, these shoes combine fashion-forward looks with the performance and durability you need to knock down those pins.

Cool, Breathable Fabric Upper

The upper features a cool, breathable performance fabric that keeps your feet comfortable during long games. The fabric has moisture-wicking properties to keep feet dry and odor-free. Ventilation holes add airflow to prevent overheating. The lightweight upper won’t weigh you down so you can focus on your throw.

Classic Blucher Upper Pattern

The timeless blucher upper pattern provides a secure fit without feeling too snug. The lacing system lets you adjust the tightness so the shoes provide a custom, glove-like feel. Padded tongue and collar cushion your ankle and prevent abrasion for all-day comfort.

Removable Molded EVA Footbed

The removable molded EVA footbed cradles your foot in supportive comfort. EVA foam absorbs shock and minimizes pressure for smooth heel-to-toe transitions. The contoured shape and deep heel cup provide stability and prevent slippage inside the shoe. Replace the footbed when it wears out to keep the same responsive feel.

Slide-Resistant Sole for Slick Lanes

The durable rubber outsole grips slick lanes so you can approach the line with confidence. The defined slide encourages an smooth release for more controlled throws. The heel lifts your foot at the optimum angle for a powerful strike. Pivot points enhance traction at push-off for effortless steps.

Get the Customized Dexter Fit

Dexter bowling shoes are designed to help improve your bowling skills. Unlike rental shoes, these provide a personalized fit for comfort and control. Dexter uses a sizing system to accommodate different foot shapes and widths. Refer to the size chart and reviews to select your ideal size. If needed, you can adjust the laces for a more dialed-in fit.

Why Choose Dexter Bowling Shoes?

With over 50 years of experience crafting performance bowling footwear, Dexter continually impresses bowlers with their innovative designs and quality construction. Here’s why you should choose Dexter for your next pair:

  • Trusted reputation for advanced bowling technology
  • Durable materials made to withstand daily games
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning for reduced fatigue
  • Slide soles encourage proper release motions
  • Ventilated uppers prevent sweaty feet
  • Supportive fit improves stability and control
  • Custom options for wide or narrow feet
  • Stylish designs suit your personal tastes

Customer Reviews

See what fellow bowlers have to say about the Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes:

“These Dexter shoes are perfect for my regular league nights. My feet never get sore and they have great traction when I’m up to bowl.” – Jane S.

“I’ve tried several brands of bowling shoes, but these Dexters have the best mix of comfort, support, and style. My average has gone up since getting them!” – Amanda T.

“The breathable fabric keeps my feet from getting too hot when I’m bowling. I also love the cute style of these shoes compared to typical clunky bowling shoes.” – Danielle R.

“For the price, you can’t beat the quality and performance of Dexter bowling shoes. These are very durable and still feel great after a year of heavy use.” – Sarah W.

Enhance Your Scores in Style

Elevate your bowling shoes to the next level with the Dexter Women’s Bowling Shoes. The cool, breathable upper keeps feet comfortable when the competition heats up. The secure lacing system and customized fit provide stability for executing those crucial moves. Shock-absorbing cushioning reduces joint stress so you can play longer. Slide soles ensure a controlled release for knocking down the pins. Backed by over 50 years of bowling expertise, these Dexters have the features you need to bowl your best game yet!


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