Del Mex Authentic Mexican Baja Hoodie – The Classic Surf and Beach Poncho


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Take a trip south of the border with the Del Mex Authentic Mexican Baja Hoodie. This classic pullover hoodie epitomizes relaxed Baja California style. With its vibrant colors and unique textured fabric, the Del Mex hoodie brings a touch of Mexican culture and coastal comfort to your wardrobe.

The Del Mex Baja hoodie is made from a cozy cotton/acrylic blend that will keep you warm at the beach bonfire or on a cool summer evening. The fabric features a distinctive textured jerga weave that provides visual depth and a soft, brushed feel against your skin. Jersey lining on the inside feels great and makes the hoodie extra soft and comfortable.

An Iconic Surf Style Poncho Hoodie

The Baja hoodie has its roots in Mexican serape ponchos worn by vaqueros (cowboys). When surfers traveled to Baja California in the 1960s, they fell in love with the colorful ponchos and brought the style back home. The hoodie style we know today emerged after hoods were added to the ponchos to help surfers stay warm in the water.

With its loose, roomy fit and earthy stripped patterns, the Baja hoodie evokes the free-spirited surf culture of decades past. It’s a perfect complement to boardshorts or a swimsuit when you’re headed to the beach or looking to channel a laid-back coastal vibe. The Baja hoodie brings retro surf style into the modern day.

Vibrant Colors and Handmade Craftsmanship

Del Mex sources these Mexican hoodies directly from family-run workshops in Central Mexico. Skilled weavers use traditional looms to produce the fabric, imparting each hoodie with handmade character. The blended cotton/acrylic material is cut and sewn in Mexico under fair trade conditions, not mass produced in a factory.

From warm sunset tones like orange, red, yellow and pink to ocean blues and greens, the range of colors reflects the hues you’ll find along the vibrant Baja coastline. Each Del Mex Baja hoodie features a unique stripped or geometric pattern. No two are exactly the same!

Versatile Loungewear – From Beach to Bonfire

The Baja hoodie’s lightweight woven fabric makes it a versatile layering piece. Wear it over a t-shirt and shorts on a cool beach day or pair it with jeans for a relaxed fall look. The hood provides a little extra warmth and coverage for your head and neck.

Thanks to the soft brushed interior and roomy fit, the Del Mex hoodie also makes for awesome loungewear. Throw it on after a shower, while watching TV on the couch or anytime you want to relax. The hoodie’s earthy stripped patterns and pops of color will liven up the most basic sweatpants.


  • Authentic acrylic/cotton blend Baja poncho hoodie
  • Brushed jersey lining for softness and comfort
  • Handmade on traditional Mexican looms under fair trade conditions
  • Retro surf-inspired stripes and color blocking
  • Roomy pullover fit with drawstring hood
  • Front pouch pocket for warmth and storage
  • Vibrant colors – orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and more
  • Great loungewear or beachwear layering piece
  • Machine washable – softens over time
  • Sizes S-XXL for women and men

About Del Mex Brand

Del Mex was founded to showcase authentic Mexican-made fashion to the world. Each Del Mex piece is handcrafted by artisans in Mexico using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Their collections showcase Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship.

Del Mex prioritizes ethical production and fair living wages for all workers. By partnering directly with small family workshops, they help sustain traditional livelihoods and empower talented makers to preserve Mexico’s textile traditions.

In a world of mass production, Del Mex provides an alternative – quality over quantity. Each piece bears the fingerprint of its maker. Del Mex believes ethical, eco-friendly production and vibrant cultural traditions can co-exist through the power of Mexican craftsmanship.

Add Baja Coast Style to Your Wardrobe!

Bring a touch of colorful Mexican culture into your closet with the Del Mex Baja hoodie. It’s perfect for:

  • Beach days, bonfires and coastal adventures
  • Yoga, lounging at home, relaxing weekends
  • Music festivals, concerts, fairs and more
  • Casual wear, layering, trips to the park

With its vibrant stripped patterns and soft jersey lining, the Del Mex Baja hoodie combines visual pop, comfort and Mexican artistry.

Click “Add to Cart” now to grab this iconic surf poncho hoodie! Supplies are limited since each one is individually handmade in Mexico.


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