Dearfoams Australian Shearling Fireside Scuff Wide Width Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Slippers


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Slip into luxurious comfort with the Dearfoams Fireside Shearling Scuff Wide Width Women’s Slippers. Crafted with 100% genuine Australian sheepskin, these premium slippers offer incredibly soft warmth and breathability for versatile indoor/outdoor wear.

The plush sheepskin lining naturally wicks moisture to keep your feet dry while regulating temperature for year-round comfort. Stay cozy in the shearling fuzz when lounging around the house on chilly days, or toss them on for quick errands with lightweight cushioning and flexibility. The Fireside Shearling Scuff was designed with wide width sizing to ensure custom comfort for all-day wear.

Natural Sheepskin Lining & Outsole

The highlight of these women’s scuff slippers is the genuine Australian shearling fur lining made from ethically sourced sheepskin. The lush interior conforms to your feet with a velvety soft texture to pamper from heel to toe. Natural lanolin oils within the fibers provide moisturizing and wicking properties to promote healthy skin.

As a temperature regulating material, the plush sheepskin helps feet stay warmer in cold conditions while allowing airflow to prevent overheating. The furry lining also naturally wicks moisture to keep feet dry indoors and out. An EVA foam outsole provides durable traction with more flexibility for indoor/outdoor versatility.

Cozy Comfort For Everyday Wear

Dearfoams designed the Fireside Shearling Scuff for effortless comfort you can enjoy all day long. The easy slip-on style ensures these scuffs are ready anytime you need a little luxury on your feet. A low profile collar and wide straps wrap the foot in softness without restricting movement.

The plush lining gently hugs the feet while the skid-resistant outsole holds up to quick trips outdoors. Wear them for lounging with sweats, taking out the trash, or running errands around town. The adaptable comfort makes them a go-to footwear choice for relaxing or completing chores.

Premium Materials & Quality Craftsmanship

These women’s wide width scuffs are thoughtfully constructed from premium materials for lasting wear. Beginning with 100% genuine Australian sheepskin, the plush fur lining provides unbeatable softness and temperature control. The sheepskin naturally contours to the unique shape of your feet over time.

Dearfoams carefully selects quality sheepskin hides and ethicallyharvests the fur for ahumane production process. Skilled craftsmanship ensures neatlyfinished edges to prevent irritation and securely joined seams. The durable EVA foam outsole provides lightweight flexibility with traction optimized for indoor and outdoor use.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Use

The Fireside Shearling Scuff brings year-round versatility whether you’re relaxing inside or stepping out. The genuine shearling lining keeps feetblissfully comfortable in any setting with its moisture wicking properties and temperature regulating qualities.

The EVA outsole is engineered with an indoor/outdoor tread pattern to handle pavement or tile floors with ease. Wear them inside for house slippers with floor-gripping traction, then head out the door to grab the mail or walk the dog. The flexible outsole moves with your stride for cloud-like comfort anywhere you roam.

Dearfoams Quality & craftsmanship

For over 60 years Dearfoams has been creating quality footwear loved for its unmatched comfort and craftsmanship. Based in the USA, their team of skilled designers carefully construct each slipper and shoe to meet the highest standards. Only premium materials are selected to provide support, durability and softness in every step.

The Fireside Shearling Scuff exemplifies the Dearfoams commitment to excellence through meticulous detail and smart construction. From Australian shearling to cushioned EVA soles, each component ensures luxurious comfort and reliable performance. Dearfoams believes quality footwear should feel as good as it looks while standing up to everyday adventures.

Easy Care Recommendations

Caring for your new shearling slippers helps retain their beauty over many cozy seasons. Dearfoams recommends the following care instructions:

  • Allow sheepskin to air dry naturally when wet
  • Use sheepskin cleaner/conditioner regularly
  • Store in a well-ventilated area
  • Protect fur when outdoors
  • Spot clean stains immediately
  • Avoid harsh detergents or chemicals
  • Fluff fur with fingers to revive texture

Proper storage and cleaning preserves the natural oils in the sheepskin to maintain its supple feel. A quality shearling cleaner/conditioner restores moisture and luster between wears. With proper care, these Fireside scuffs become your go-to footwear for unmatched comfort and warmth.

Give Your Feet the Gift of Australian Shearling

Reward yourself with the gift of luxurious comfort in a pair of Dearfoams Fireside Shearling Scuffs. The Australian sheepskin lining cradles feet with cloud-like softness and moisture-wicking breathability. The durable outsole takes you from home to errands with ease.

Designed for wide width women’s feet, the customizable comfort feels like a dream with every step. Slip into the plush sheepskin lining and experience its sheer bliss for yourself. Your feet deserve it.


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