CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Fable Recovery Platform Clog


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Introducing the CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Fable Recovery Platform Clog, the ultimate footwear for style, comfort, and support. After a long day on your feet, give your soles the relief they deserve with these recovery clogs designed with your comfort in mind.

Soft, Flexible, and Supportive

The Fable Recovery Clog features a soft and flexible upper made of smooth vinyl that gently cushions your feet. The molded footbed provides arch support and conforms to the unique shape of your foot, while the extra thick 1.75 inch platform sole absorbs shock and reduces stress on your joints. The result is cloud-like comfort that feels like you’re walking on air.

Slip Resistant Traction

The Fable Recovery Clog has a non-slip outsole with tread that grips the floor, preventing slips and falls whether you’re walking around the house or down a slick hospital hallway. The traction gives you stability and security in every step.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Thanks to the 100% waterproof vinyl upper, you don’t have to worry about spills, rain, or messes. Mud and dirt can be simply wiped away, while hospital fluids can be disinfected without harming the clog. Keep your shoes hygienic and odor-free no matter your job.

All Day Comfort

The Fable Recovery Clog is designed for superior comfort and relief for extended wear. The lightweight EVA sole absorbs shock and reduces stress on your lower back and joints. Meanwhile, the roomy toe box allows your feet space to relax and spread out. You’ll be amazed you’re wearing clogs and not slippers.

Safe, Secure Fit

An adjustable heel strap ensures your clog stays firmly on your foot with every step. No need to worry about shoes flying off if you’re rushing between tasks. The heel strap coupled with the padded collar provides a snug yet gentle fit around your ankle.

Cute, Playful Style

Just because they’re recovery shoes doesn’t mean they have to look clinical. Show off your fun style with the playful peep-toe design. The platform sole gives you a subtle boost in height too! Choose from classic black or bold red.

Made for Healthcare Workers

Designed with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in mind, the Fable Recovery Clog provides relief when you’re on the job. The slip-resistant sole ensures safety in the hospital while the waterproof upper can handle tough messes. Give your feet a break in these recovery clogs.

Great for Pregnancy

Expecting moms will love the plush cushioning and arch support of these clogs, taking pressure off swollen, achy feet and ankles. The roomy, flexible fit accommodates your growing bump too. The traction sole also provides much needed stability during pregnancy.

Perfect for Travel

The Fable Recovery Clog is ideal for wandering long airports, taking urban walking tours, or sightseeing all vacation long thanks to the soft, padded footbed that pampers your soles. The sturdy traction sole tackles cobblestone streets or uneven sidewalks with ease. Your feet will stay happy mile after mile.

Treat Yourself to Comfort

Whether you’re a busy nurse, pregnant mama, avid traveler or just someone who deserves some rest and relaxation, treat your feet to the plush comfort of the Fable Recovery Clog. The generously cushioned footbed and traction sole provide cloud-like softness with every step you take. Your feet will thank you!

Buy The Comfort You Deserve

Give your hard-working feet the care they deserve. Click Add to Cart now to get these recovery clogs that provide superior comfort and relief all day long. Designed with innovative comfort technologies, the Fable Recovery Clog will have you looking forward to kicking off your shoes. Happy feet are just a few clicks away!


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