CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket – Warm Fleece Lined Military Style Coat for Hiking, Camping, Fishing and Hunting


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Tackle the great outdoors in comfort and style with the CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket. This rugged yet refined military-inspired jacket is perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and any outdoor excursion.

Crafted from durable, wind and water resistant polyester, this jacket features a full zip front closure with an interior storm flap to keep out the elements. The zipper is conveniently located on the left side for easy access when wearing a backpack or utility belt. A cozy fleece lining provides warmth and comfort when temperatures drop.

The tactical design includes multiple pockets to keep your essentials close at hand. There are two large cargo pockets on the front plus two inverted pleat pockets at the back to securely stow small items. The left sleeve contains two small utility pockets while the right sleeve has one, giving you quick access to smaller gear. Thumb holes at the cuffs help seal in warmth.

This outdoor jacket comes equipped with an adjustable fleece lined hood that offers additional protection from wind and rain. Cinch it down over your head or roll it back when not in use. The stand collar seals in heat and keeps out drafts.

Built for rugged durability, this tactical fleece jacket is ideal for hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, hunting, cycling, and other outdoor activities. It provides great warmth and weather resistance without weighing you down. The polyester fabric is rugged enough to handle brush and activity while also being quiet enough for hunting.


Durable polyester exterior with polyester fleece lining
Full zip front with interior storm flap
Adjustable fleece lined hood
Stand collar
Thumb holes at cuffs
7 total pockets – 2 large front cargo pockets, 2 back inverted pleat pockets, 2 small left sleeve pockets, 1 small right sleeve pocket
Left side zipper for backpack and belt access
Athletic fit allows room for layering

Wind and water resistant polyester protects you from the elements
Warm fleece lining keeps you comfortable in cold weather
Hood with adjustable drawstrings provides extra protection
Multiple pockets keep gear secure and accessible
Thumb holes and stand collar seal in warmth
Athletic cut allows freedom of movement
Ideal Uses:

Outdoor sports
Everyday wear
Outdoor Adventure Awaits

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or just enjoy getting outside on the weekends, the CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket has you covered. The rugged, military-inspired design provides durability and functionality for all your adventures.

Fleece lining and polyester fabric equip you for the elements by blocking wind and repelling water. Adjustable hood, collar, and cuffs seal in warmth when it gets cold. Plenty of pockets securely stow gear and valuables as you explore the trails, lakes, and woods.

So go ahead and conquer the great outdoors! The CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket has the features and performance you need. Order now and be prepared for your next hike, camp trip, or day spent fishing at the lake.

This rugged coat is perfect for the guy who wants to travel deep into nature but doesn’t want to sacrifice warmth or utility. So get out there and have an epic adventure!

Versatile Tactical Design

Inspired by military and law enforcement uniforms, the tactical design of this outdoor jacket provides functional versatility perfect for adventure. The durable polyester fabric stands up to wilderness wear and tear while strategic pockets keep your gear organized and secure.

Dual cargo pockets up front combined with inverted back pockets give you plenty of storage options. Small pockets on the sleeves offer quick access to smaller items like snacks or a compass. A left side zipper makes it easy to access while wearing a backpack.

The fleece lined hood and adjustable cuffs work together to lock in heat so you stay warm and protected from the elements. And the overall athletic fit allows room for layering without impeding your movement.

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, camping in the woods, or stalking prey, this tactical jacket has you covered. The rugged build and surplus of pockets equip you for anything while keeping your essentials close at hand.

Superior Cold Weather Performance

Brave the cold in total comfort with the CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket. The polyester shell shields you from wind and light rain so you stay dry on your outdoor excursions. Fleece lining takes it a step further by locking in heat and providing added warmth when the temperature plummets.

The jacket’s multiple insulation features also work together to seal out the cold. The snug hood, stand collar, and thumb hole cuffs prevent heat from escaping. Zip up and cinch down these adjustable openings to keep frigid air out.

With heat sealed in and cold air blocked out, you’ll stay cozy and comfortable all day long. Trek through icy conditions or sit huddled around a campfire while wrapped in insulating fleece.

The CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket combines rugged weather resistance with superior warmth. Now you can take on the coldest weather while enjoying the outdoors!

Built Tough for The Outdoors

Durable materials and rugged construction equip this jacket for outdoor adventures. The polyester shell handles stretching, snags, and abrasion so it holds up to rugged use. Reinforced stitching throughout boosts structural integrity.

The athletic cut allows freedom to reach, stretch, and climb without restriction. But it’s not overly baggy or in the way. Sleeve cuffs keep cold air out while thumb holes secure the sleeves in place.

Hardware like zippers, snaps, and buckles are built to last. The zippered front secures tightly while the storm flap adds protection from wind and moisture. Adjustable hood and cuff straps stay securely cinched.

Whether you’re trekking through dense brush or scrambling up a rocky slope, this jacket provides outdoor-ready performance. The durable build and tactical design make it ideal for hunting and other outdoor activities.

You don’t have to baby this jacket. The reinforced polyester shell and rugged construction hold up to repeated wear. It’s built for any guy who spends weekends warrior in the wilderness. Pick up the CRYSULLY Men’s Tactical Outdoor Adventure Jacket and conquer the outdoors in confidence.

Designed for Hunters and Outdoorsmen

This tactical fleece jacket doesn’t just look great, it’s thoughtfully designed for hunting, fishing, hiking, and backwoods adventures. The rugged polyester provides just the right balance of quiet performance, durability, and weather resistance required by outdoorsmen.

The neutral color scheme works perfectly as camouflage for stealthy hunting in the woods or in a ground blind. It allows you to blend into the surroundings rather than stick out. Polyester makes very little noise compared to other fabrics, maintaining silence as you move.

Seven strategically placed pockets give you plenty of options for stowing gear, calls, ammo, snacks, and other essentials. Two large front pockets, two back pockets, and three sleeve pockets keep everything at the ready.

The athletic cut allows unrestricted motion so you can aim accurately. It also leaves room for layering under the jacket when cold temperatures roll in. Cinch down the hood, zip up the collar, and tuck into the thumb holes for full insulation.

Whether you spend days outdoors hunting prey or just enjoy weekend walks in the woods, this jacket is built for you. The specs and features cater directly to outdoorsmen who need performance they can trust.


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