Birch Shoelaces – 27 Vibrant Colors to Match Any Shoe


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Elevate your shoe game with the vibrant Birch shoelaces. With 27 different colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect lace to complement any shoe in your collection.

Flat and Durable Design

These shoelaces feature a flat 5/16″ width design that gives them a sleek, understated look. The polyester material is durable enough for daily wear, while still being soft and comfortable. Whether you’re looking to replace worn out laces or upgrade to a more stylish pair, these Birch laces are ideal.

27 Colors to Match Any Style

When it comes to shoe laces, one size does not fit all. That’s why Birch offers shoelaces in 27 different colors, ensuring you’ll find the right shade to match your favorite sneakers, boots, dress shoes and more.

From neutral tones like black, white and brown to punchy brights like orange, purple and lime green, your shoes will pop with new life once you swap out those boring old laces. Complement classic white sneakers with pastel blue or pink laces. Give your black leather boots an extra edge with fiery red laces. Or add a fun pop of color to your favorite sandals with neon green laces.

With so many colors to choose from, you may need more than one pair!

4 Lengths for the Perfect Fit

Not only does Birch provide a rainbow of color options, they also offer the laces in four different lengths. Choose from:

54 inches – Fits men’s and women’s sneakers and casual shoes
60 inches – Fits men’s boots and high top sneakers
72 inches – Fits large men’s boots
40 inches – Fits kids’ shoes

No more laces that are way too long or too short. Get the customized fit you need for proper tie and hold.

Quality Construction and Materials

Birch laces are constructed from 100% polyester, chosen for its durability and flexibility. The interwoven microfiber material helps prevent breakage while retaining the vibrant color.

The ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying and ensure the laces glide smoothly through the eyelets. Sturdy plastic aglets allow for easy threading and keep the laces firmly in place once tied.

Birch laces are made for everyday wear and can withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. Whether you’re athletic training, hiking outdoors or chasing kids around the yard, these laces will hold their color and last long term.

Enhance Your Style with Vibrant Birch Shoelaces

It’s amazing the difference new shoelaces can make when it comes to transforming a pair of shoes. Dull and dirty laces can drag down the look of your favorite footwear. Birch laces let you revitalize old shoes and make a fashion statement at the same time.

Choose from a spectrum of colors in lengths to suit your needs. The durable polyester construction ensures they’ll provide years of service. Take your shoe style up a notch with bold, vibrant Birch shoelaces!


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